Candy Lightbulb Favour


Candy Lightbulb Favour

Are you looking for a way to make your next promotion “shine” and put the “spotlight” on your company? Well, look no further than these awesome non-functioning glass lightbulb jars filled with delicious treats.

These candy lightbulb favours are a sure way to light up the room as you shed some light on any important messages you need to share. This could include marketing giveaways with custom tags reading “our company has bright ideas” or “lighting the way forward”. They also make effective employee gifts to acknowledge and recognise star employees. You could include messages such as “you help make our future bright” or “Spotlight – you did a great job”. No matter the occasion these candy lightbulb favours will do the trick.

Made from glass, these lightbulb jars are re-usable. They have a metal screw top and are not air tight. Because the glass is blown, they will have some imperfections, bubbles, and swirls etc. They are not window glass clear but we feel that this adds to the glamour of the product.

A bright idea would be for engineering companies, utility companies or even electrical businesses to make use of these to light up your next promotion and impress your clients with a fun quirky gift.

Want to add your company logo to this item? No problem! Our services allow you to choose from a custom branded decal that is stuck around the neck of the lightbulb, a printed gift tag attached with ribbon or even sandblasting your logo onto the glass for a permanent solution. No matter which option you choose, we’ll ensure they  send the right message for the occasion.


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