Fragrance Diffuser Refill


  • Fragrance Percentage: 25%
  • Capacity: 160ml
  • Product Dimension: 16 x 12 x 9cm
  • Available in 5 gorgeous scents

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Fragrance Diffuser Refill

Wooden Top Diffusers Gifts

There is nothing better than smelling a  delightful scent when walking into a room. Subtle notes that spark the senses and if you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift that suits a variety of people, look no further than a diffuser which can be replaced when empty with this fragrance diffuser refill.

The scent diffuses via a wooden dowel that is connected to the wooden lid and placed into the bottle. The scent saturated the wooden top and emits the chosen scent into the room. and continues to do so long after the bottle is empty.

When you’re ready, simply purchase a refill. Unscrew the cap and replace with the wooden top. You can even change the scent to experience a whole new fragrance until your next refill.

Fragrances available are:

  • Vanilla Coconut
  • Sugared Grapefruit
  • Exotic Rose
  • Forest Fern and
  • Jasmin

This brand of diffuser has the highest percentage of fragrance (25%)  compared to any other diffuser on the market and has a volume of 160ml. Looking for a Diffuser in a gift box and not this refill? Click here.


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