SoL Reusable Stainless Steel Straws


  • Size: 21.5cm long
  • Pouch: 25 x 9 x 1 cm
  • 2 Slimline straws – silver & rose gold
  • 1 Smoothie straw – gold
  • Hemp travel pouch
  • Cleaning straw
  • MOQ: 20 units

Price available on request for smaller quantities

Prices exclude delivery costs and/or artwork/setup fees if required

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SoL Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

A stylish way to go green

Looking for a gorgeous gift for your next corporate event? Meet these sleek and oh so sexy straws. These SoL reusable stainless steel straws were designed to help people move from a throwaway mindset and toward a more environmentally supportive one, so we can all be kind to the world around us. SoL are passionate about creating a better, more positive world. They are leading the way in sustainable design to end single-use plastics, as well as working towards decreasing the need for plastic production all together.

These straws are lightweight and best of all, they’re made from stainless steel – Ideal for all types of beverages. Because they’re made from stainless steel, they won’t leach a bad taste, odour, germs or worse, chemical toxins, into your drink.  As a result, SoL straws offer purity of taste. Your drink is fresher and cleaner, and you’ll have zero concerns for your health.

SoL straws have your back, they’ll never leave you sucking on plastic or soggy cardboard! This set includes 2 sexy slimline straws in silver & rose gold and a gold straw that’s wider in diameter for thicker drinks like smoothies or shakes. Each set come with a hemp travel pouch and a cleaning brush, to make sure they always stay sparkly.

They’re portable, convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and infinitely reusable. By making use of a reusable straw, you not contribute to keeping our planet plastic free, you also look stylish and trendy while doing so. Go green and ditch the disposable straws & choose this one!


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